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Efficient Pool Pumps: Why They Matter And Can Extend The Life Of Your Pool

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If you own one of the more than 5 million backyard swimming pools installed in-ground in the United States, chances are you've had to give thought to maintenance issues like which chemicals to use and when to run your pump. But did you know that having and using the right pump can make a big difference in both your power bills and your pool upkeep?

Energy Savings

Many pool owners make do with the same single-speed pool pump that has been a workhorse for them for years. But that workhorse may be costing you more than you think, and you may even legally need to replace it when it breaks with something different. That's right: In Arizona, starting in January 2012, it became law that new residential pool pumps have to be two-speed or variable-speed to save energy.

Variable speed pumps work by being programmable to run at slower rates when they're not needed. In other words, they can be operated in a low-speed mode, which moves water more slowly and is less noisy than traditional or high-speed pumps.

According to the Arizona Public Service Company (APS), an efficient pool pump can save you up to $400 a year in energy costs. They'll also last longer and be more durable because they run cooler. That means that even when you have to pay $1200 to $1400 for a new, high-efficiency pump, you'll make up the cost in utility bill savings in 3 to 4 years.

Easier Maintenance

If your pool pump isn't efficient, it could be making it hard to keep your pool in good condition. Problems with water quality, which can be linked to inefficient pumping, can lead to draining the pool. In worst cases, you may even need to resurface the pool if areas have been exposed to air or improper temperatures.

Thinking about resurfacing the pool anyway? In older pools, the plaster surface can get eroded and ugly—when you get a new pump, you might talk to your pool surfacing specialist about other remodeling you can do to extend the life of the pool. Resurfacing with a harder material, like quartz, can nearly double the life of the pool.

A pool contractor (such as one from Pebbleworks Pool Surfacing) is a great source of information about which pool pump and which pool remodeling techniques are right for your situation. Call today and schedule an evaluation so you can get your pool working efficiently and looking great for the summer.