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Window Cleaners With Ethylene Glycol: The Harm Of Using Them & The Cost Of Professional Cleaning

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When you are in need of window cleaning for your home, it is important to avoid using products containing a chemical called ethylene glycol. Inhaling the chemical while cleaning the windows can cause you to become sick or even be fatal. In this article, you will learn about the harm of using window cleaners with ethylene glycol and the cost to hire a professional to clean the windows for you.

What is the Harm of Using Window Cleaners with Ethylene Glycol?

Using a window cleaning with ethylene glycol is harmful because it is highly poisonous and you can inhale it without knowing. The reason is due to the chemical not having an odor to let you know it is in the air. It is easy to accidentally inhale large amount of ethylene glycol when cleaning your home windows when there are a lot of panes of glass.

A few of the symptoms you can experience from exposure to ethylene glycol include feeling delusional, sick in the stomach and vomiting. You can also experience severe symptoms that can be fatal if left untreated, such as damage to the kidneys, lungs and brain. You should avoid ethylene glycol at all cost because it can also cause cancer.

You can opt for using green products to clean your home windows to stay on the safe side. If you are hiring a professional to clean the windows, you can recommend that green products are used in your home. Many window cleaning companies can clean with multiple different product types to the satisfactory of their customers.

How Much Does Professional Home Window Cleaning Cost?

You will have to get an estimate from the window cleaning company you intend on hired for the exact price. The cost of window cleaning can vary because it depends on how many windows you have. It is typical to be charged based on the amount of panes being cleaned. You can expect to pay an average of up to $7 per window pane. However, the price can be even higher if you have screens that are in need of cleaning as well.

Clean windows can give your home a more pleasant look in the interior and exterior. If you want to keep the windows clean regularly, make sure you invest in green products to avoid exposure to ethylene glycol. Leave window cleaning to a residential window cleaning professional if you want the job done right!