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Clutter Taking Over? 3 Dangers You Could Be Facing

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It can happen to anyone. You get busy and suddenly your home is so cluttered you can't move around. Don't give up on the situation. Before it turns into something more than clutter, you need to take care of the problem. Here are just a few of the problems you may face if you let the clutter continue.

Increased Pest Activity In Your Home And Yard

Roaches and mice love trash, old papers, boxes of clothes, and even woodpiles. If you have any of those things in your home or yard, you could be inviting more pests than you thought. Even if you can't see pests, they could be living under the piles. In fact, if the debris has been building up for several years, you could have established pest colonies living in them.

Increased Fire And Safety Hazards

The more things you have gathering in your home and yard, the more fire and safety hazards you create for yourself. Not only do large collections of debris and clutter increase your fire risks, they also decrease the fire fighters ability to get into your home to fight the fire. Sadly, some people have died because clutter prevented fire fighters from getting into the home to rescue them.

In addition to the fire hazards, excess clutter can pose other safety hazards for you. For instance, large amounts of clutter make it more difficult for you to walk through your home, which increase your chances of falling and being injured.

Increased Health Risks

If your home is cluttered, allergens like dust, pollen, and dander can build up in the air your breathing. The longer the clutter remains, the more allergens are released into your air. Over time it can cause allergies or even asthma-like symptoms. Clearing out the clutter can help you breathe easier.

In addition to the problems associated with dust and other allergens, pests can also cause breathing problems. Mice and roaches deposit dander and waste wherever they travel. If you have a significant infestation due to the clutter, you could be breathing in that dander and waste.

It doesn't take long for clutter to get out of hand. If you're looking around your home and you see a lot of things you could get rid of, it's time to rent a dumpster (from professionals such as Metropolis Disposal). A dumpster will help you clear out the things you no longer need. It will also reduce the dangers you face inside your own home.