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3 Things To Plan For During Home Demolition

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Are you about to start a major home remodeling project? Does it require demolition of a room or even an entire section of the house? Demolition is often the most fun and exciting stage of any remodel project. You get to knock down walls, cabinets, and lots of other elements. However, it's not as simple as just picking up a sledgehammer and knocking stuff over. If done incorrectly, demolition can actually lead to project delays, cost overruns, and even a shutdown of the entire remodeling job. You can avoid these problems by planning ahead. Here are three things you need to consider before you start demolition:

You need your neighbors to be allies. Demolition isn't just an inconvenience for you. It can also be a hassle for your neighbors. There's probably going to be a dumpster in your yard or driveway. There could be collateral debris that gets blown into their yard. Traffic may be impeded by demo equipment parked on the street. And there could be lots of noise during early morning or evening hours.

If your neighbors aren't cooperative, they could complain to local building inspection offices or even the police department. These are inconveniences and hassles that can slow down your job. Before you begin, take the time to have a friendly conversation with your neighbors. Explain what you're doing, how long it will take, what inconveniences may arise, and what you'll do to protect their property. A bottle of wine or basket of flowers as a gift may also be a nice touch, especially if it will be a long demo process.

Plan to double your demo costs. It's impossible to tell how much demolition will cost just by looking at the structure itself. Once the walls come down, all bets are off. You may open up the walls and find that the wood is infected by rot or termites. You may find shoddy construction. You may even find mold or asbestos. It's not uncommon for initial demolition to lead way to more work. You can take the pain out of these surprises by just planning ahead to double your demo budget. If you come in under budget, that's great. If not, though, at least you will have planned ahead.

Check your permits. Nothing can slow down a project like a failure to get the right permits. Requirements usually vary by state and municipality, so it's hard to say exactly which permits you'll need. Talk with your building inspector to see what's required. Also, if traffic will be interrupted, you'll want to discuss it with your police department. Finally, asbestos can be a big regulatory issue. You'll need to take great care to make sure that asbestos is being handled according to the law. If you find asbestos, don't just knock it down. Let a professional safely remove it before moving forward with the rest of demolition.

A demolition services company like Syracuse Haulers Waste Removal may be the most effective way to do the job. They'll know how to do it efficiently and quickly and they'll be able to help you get all the required permits.