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Cool Vintage Bathroom Fixtures For Your Bathroom Remodel

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You don't have to purchase brand-new fixtures and features for your remodeled bathroom. In fact, there are some beautiful vintage items that might complement your new bathroom theme better than anything you find in a conventional retail venue. Seek out markets that cater to those remodeling projects and that offer unique and distinctive fixtures for the bathroom, and talk with remodeling contractors to determine the viability of using these in your distinct space.

Consider these vintage fixture options:


The sink says a lot about the bathroom's style and function, and many buyers may want to consider double-basin vanities to accommodate other occupants of the home. There are some really unique, vintage sinks that will bring a distinction to your bathroom, unlike more modern manufactured sinks. Visit antique stores and second-hand venues to find hand-chiseled vanities and fixtures, and retro console sinks recognized by their long slender, metal legs. 


Even simply switching out the faucets at your bathroom sink can alter the look and feel of the space. There is a wide range of styles at all price points from conventional retailers, but there are also some vintage options that can give your sink a one-of-a-kind appeal. You can find replicas of the cool, antique taps, or visit thrift stores and tag sales to look for vintage faucets with the following unique features:

  • 24-karat gold plate taps.
  • Vintage knobs with chrome or gold finish.
  • Metal cross handle-style faucets.


A tub is like the crown-jewel of the bathroom. It typically takes up the most space, and is often used for a wide range of options, including washing pets, hanging up laundry, and bathing. Before you invest in a run-of-the-mill bathtub, consider some more intriguing, unexpected options. Perhaps the best place to seek out older-style tubs is through antique vendors, though you may have some luck when hotels, inns, or establishments are renovating and getting rid of their old fixtures, including claw-foot porcelain and marble soaking tubs. 


What is there to say about a toilet? It is most certainly a must in the bathroom, and often the style you have is dictated by necessity and cost, rather than aesthetic allure. Take a good look at your toilet to consider if it is doing justice in the overall scheme of your bathroom. If not, keep an eye out for porcelain toilets with hand-painted details and fixtures that display a marbleized finish. 

Give your bathroom a cool, classic look with some of these vintage fixtures. Talk with contractors (such as George Walker Construction) and retailers to find the perfect fixtures and accents to complement your home's overall style schemes. You may be able to find some of these bathroom treasures, without modifying or increasing your buying budget!