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Renting A Dumpster? Follow These Tips To Keep Your Kids Safe

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To you, a dumpster represents a way to get your garage or basement cleaned out more quickly and easily. To your children, however, that same dumpster can seem like a fun place to climb and explore. Kids can easily suffer injuries when climbing on a dumpster or playing in its contents.

The next time you rent a dumpster, follow these tips to keep them safe:

Lock the dumpster when you're not using it

Many dumpsters have a front gate that folds up and latches. To prevent your kids from climbing into the dumpster when you're not looking, lock this front gate. A simple combination lock from your local home goods store will do the trick. Some dumpster rental companies may even include a lock when they deliver the dumpster to your home; use it. Even if you don't let your kids play outside unsupervised, neighborhood kids may try to get into the dumpster to play, and this will deter them.

Hide items that kids might find enticing

You know that they'll never play with that old toy truck set again, but the second you place it in the dumpster, your kids might suddenly gain interest and try to save it. To avoid incidents such as kids falling in the dumpster while trying to retrieve toys, hide anything your child might think is worth saving. Put it in a cardboard box or cover it with items your child won't want -- like those old holiday lights or decorations.

Don't stack items too high

If your kids will be around the dumpster when you're working on cleaning out the space, either because they're helping or because they're playing nearby, it's important to watch how high you stack items. You don't want your child to walk into the dumpster and have a box fall on his or her head.

Tell your kids how dangerous climbing in the dumpster can be

One of the best ways to prevent accidents is simply to talk to your kids. Tell them that they could become injured if they try to climb in a dumpster or start rummaging through stuff. Describe how they could become injured if they're inside the dumpster when someone throws in a heavy item. Don't sugar-coat the danger. Your kids need to understand that there is a real risk here.

Renting a dumpster is a convenient way to speed up the cleanup process. Make sure it has a lasting impact on the cleanliness of your home, but not on your kids' well-being. To learn more, contact a company like Peterson's Service Corp with any questions you have.