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How To Prevent Soil Erosion

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Soil erosion occurs naturally over time due to weather exposure, carrying fertile soil away with the wind or water. Over time, this can cause land where plants used to grow to become desolate and arid. Thankfully, there are a number of simple techniques that you can implement in order to maintain your own topsoil around your home.

Stopping Soil Erosion

  • Plant Grass: Grass helps keep the soil on the ground by holding it down with its roots. In wide, open areas where there is little tree cover or plant growth, grass can be the only thing holding the dirt down. Large rolls of sod are a quick and efficient way to cover an exposed area of soil, and make it look much nicer too.
  • Plant Trees: Just like grass, trees and other large plants can help protect your soil from eroding. Planting saplings is a great way to ensure sustainable fertile soil, as they will grow into large trees in the future, with heavy roots that keep the soil in place. Trees also shed their leaves in the winter, which provides the soil with an important source of fresh nutrients.
  • Use Rocks: In areas where you cannot afford to plant grass or trees just yet, or where the terrain is difficult for plants to grow (like a hill), you can use rocks to keep the soil down. Decorative rocks work just as well as actual ones, though they may cost more. Rocks act as a solid barrier, preventing soil from being picked up by the wind or rain and being carried away.
  • Install Gutters and Drainage: Ensuring that there is proper run off channels on your property can help reduce the severity of soil erosion. During periods of heavy rainfall, the runoff can carry away large amounts of topsoil. By implementing proper drainage channels, you can prevent gushing water from quickly carrying soil away while also protecting your home from flooding and water damage.
  • Install a Fence: A fence or a wall that surrounds your property can help prevent soil erosion from occurring by blocking the wind. Besides rain, wind removes the most amount of topsoil from an area over time. Obviously, solid fences made out of wood, composite materials, or metal will do a better job than fences with gaps in them, like chain link fences. Ensuring that the fence is flush to the ground can also help protect against soil runoff resulting from heavy rains.

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