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Cracked Toilet Tank? How To Perform An Easy DIY Plumbing Repair In 10 Steps

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A toilet tank can receive cracks in it from the tank being tightened down too much, the water inside the tank freezing, settling of the house or even from items being dropped on it. Whatever the cause of the crack, it is important that it is fixed as soon as possible. When left alone, even hairline cracks that are thin and shallow can turn into deeper and longer cracks that pose a higher risk of a plumbing disaster. Luckily, if the crack is not too deep, you can easily fix it with a repair kit from your town's hardware store. Here is a 10-step process to follow for successful repair:

  1. Turn off the water supply to your toilet so that the tank won't refill during the repair process. Flush the toilet once this has been done.
  2. Use a cup as a scooper to remove any remaining water. A sponge can also work to absorb the leftover water.
  3. Remove the water supply line from your toilet tank with a pair of pliers. The connector should be twisted counterclockwise.
  4. Use a lint-free rag or cloth to completely dry the interior and exterior of the toilet tank. Otherwise, the adhesive will not stick and the repair will be ineffective.
  5. Mix the epoxy, as per the guidelines on the repair kit that you purchased at your local hardware store.
  6. Apply the mixture to the crack or cracks in the toilet tank. If the crack is on the interior and exterior of the toilet tank, then you need to apply the epoxy on both sides.
  7. Allow the epoxy to dry per the instructions on the repair kit.
  8. Once it is completely dry, use a fine-grit emery cloth to sand the newly patched area. This will remove any excess epoxy on the tank and ensure the surface is smooth.
  9. Now, you can re-connect the supply line to the tank. Use your pliers to ensure the new connection is secure.
  10. Turn the water supply back on so the tank can refill. Once it is refilled, flush and check for any leaks.

Make sure to read the instructions carefully. There may be additional guidelines that the manufacturer wants you to follow besides what is listed here. However, the above is a general step-by-step of repairing your cracked toilet tank. If you run into problems or feel like you can't do the repair efficiently, contact a plumber in your local area for his or her expertise.