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3 Unique Uses For Pavers

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Outdoor pavers are a great way to make your yard look more beautiful. Using pavers to make a patio, a walkway or other outdoor areas can add value to your yard and also make it a place where you want to spend more time. Aside from walkways and patios, pavers can also be used for a variety of other reasons to improve your outdoor space. There are many creative ways to use pavers that will make the yard more functional, safer, and a better place to spend time.

1. Fire Pits. Pavers can be used to create a beautiful outdoor fire pit. This can be done very easily by using pavers to form a ring. These pavers can be dug into the ground, sand can be placed to make it even and then these pavers can be stacked on top of each other until the pit is high enough to have a fire in it. This is very simple but it is also a very beautiful looking fire pit that can go with many different kinds of landscaping.

2. Garden Beds. Another way to use pavers is to create a raised garden bed. This is a great way to create some dimension to a yard. Instead of having everything flat which can be boring, a raised garden bed will add different levels. You can plant flowers, trees, vegetables and shrubs in these garden beds. Pavers can make these different levels look clean and beautiful. These can be constructed in much the same way that the fire pit was constructed. By layering and staggering these pavers, you can create circular, square or other shaped garden beds.

3. Water Features. Another great way to add beauty to the yard is to use pavers to create a water feature or fountain. There are many different kinds of fountains and water features that can be designed and built using pavers. These are more involved than a fire pit or garden bed because they will require some knowledge of plumbing but they can still be done pretty simply. The sound of the water and the beauty of the fountain will give a nice feel to the yard.

These are just a few of the more unique ways that pavers can be used to make a yard even more beautiful. Pavers can come in many sizes and styles to fit within the landscaping of almost any yard. For more information, contact a company like Central Arizona Block.