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Three Interesting Facts You Will Want to Know before Installing Artificial Turf

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If you want to have a lawn that is virtually maintenance-free, artificial turf can be a great solution. The grass alone will not give you everything you need. Artificial turf also needs irrigation, and you may also want to have soil mediums to make it have a more natural texture. Here are some things that you may want to know before having turf installed for your lawn.

1. Choosing Turf with More Natural Textures

There are many choices when it comes to artificial turf. The most affordable solution will be carpet-like materials, which can be ideal for a small patio area. If you want to do your entire lawn, you may want to consider material that has more natural textures. You can choose from different grass species, soil mediums, and colors for the new grass that you have installed for your lawn. These new synthetic materials will give the blades of grass more of a natural texture and appearance to make it look like a planted lawn.

2. Adding Soil Medium to Make Your Lawn Have a Natural Feel

You can also choose from many different soil mediums with your artificial turf. Sand is a common choice of soil medium that will give your lawn a natural texture that is comfortable to walk on, as well an affordable soil solution. Synthetic soil mediums are also available for artificial turf. These materials have the benefit of making lawns more natural, as well as the ability to retain water to reduce deterioration problems. The soil medium will also help to keep the lawn clean, which will also require maintenance like adding more soil.

3. Caring for Your Artificial Grass with a Good Sprinkler System

Many people make the mistake of assuming that artificial grass will need absolutely no maintenance. While you may never need to cut the lawn, you will need to do some basic care. You will need to clean and remove yard debris from the yard. During the summer months you will even need to water the lawn, which the installation of a sprinkler system can help to automate this process. You can also have automated sprinkler systems, which can measure rainfall and sunlight hours to determine when your artificial turf requires irrigation.

These are some tips to help you with choosing the best materials to make your artificial turf more maintenance-free. If you are ready to have turf installed, contact a sprinkler service like Steeplechase to add irrigation before you have the lawn installed.