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Prevent Intruders From Entering Your Garage With A Plastic Zip Tie!

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One of the great features of an automatic garage door opener is the locking mechanism that prevents unauthorized people from opening the door from the outside. What you may not realize is that there's an easy way to disengage garage doors from automatic garage door openers, making it possible for intruders to enter.

The Problem Lies in the Emergency Release Mechanism

The emergency release cord on your garage door is an automatic release that disengages the door from the automatic door opener. In doing this, you can open and close your garage door independent of the automatic door opener.

The emergency release cord allows you to open the garage door even if the automatic garage door opener is broken or without power. It's an important safety feature, but it's only meant to be used from the inside.

An Unsecured Emergency Release Cord Can Be a Security Risk

The problem with the emergency release cord is how easy it can be to pull the cord from outside the house. With nothing more than a wooden wedge and a coat hanger, intruders can gain access to your home.

Using a wooden wedge to pull back the rubber gasket at the top of your garage door, any intruder can make a hole that goes straight into your garage. Inserting an unfolded coat hanger into your garage via this hole, intruders can use the coat hanger to latch onto the emergency release mechanism and instantly disengage the door from the automatic garage door opener.

You Prevent Break-Ins with a Plastic Zip Tie

You can prevent intruders from releasing the emergency release mechanism on your garage door. To do this, use a plastic zip tie to secure the handle of the emergency release mechanism to the carriage.

The handle of the emergency release mechanism will have at least one hole in it (this is the same hole that holes the emergency release cord), and often will have two. The carriage that the security release mechanism is attached to will also have one or multiple unused screw holes. Simply insert the plastic zip tie into each hole and then secure the tie.

Doing this makes it impossible to use the emergency release mechanism without breaking the tie. One good tug can break the tie, but that cannot be accomplished with a coat hanger. It can only be done when pulled hard from the inside of the garage. Doing this can prevent your garage door from being a security risk.

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