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Two Tips To Get New Carpet On A Budget

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Carpeting your home is a great way to create a cozy ambiance that is comfortable and inviting.  If you're sticking to a strict budget, you may think that adding new carpet is unattainable, since the average cost to carpet a home is anywhere from $300 to $600 dollars per room.  However, there are techniques you can use to get the carpet you want without breaking the bank. Use these tips so you can get new carpets even when you don't have a lot of money.

Create Faux Thickness

Typically, the more dense or thick carpeting is, the more expensive it will be.  This occurs because thick carpet is plush underfoot, and is usually made from very soft and luxurious materials.  

Although you may crave that thick carpeting, go easy on your wallet by opting to create faux thickness.  You can achieve this by selecting a carpet style that is within your price range.  However, since you want to imitate the thickness of the more expensive carpeting, choose an exceptionally thick and rich type of padding.  Once the padding is installed beneath your carpeting, it will instantly make it seem as though the thinner, more affordable carpeting is closer in style to the expensive version.

You can take this to the next level by not only adding thick padding, but layering it even more by placing inexpensive rugs on the surface of your carpet.  This adds to the thickness so you can enjoy a soft grasp with every step that you take.

Do Some Of The Grunt Work

Another way you can save money on carpeting is to be willing to do some of the work yourself.  Labor comprises a significant portion of the total carpet installation cost, since the workers have to spend time moving furniture in and out of rooms and possibly removing old carpeting or tiles.

When you call different vendors to get quotes, ask if you can receive a discount if you're willing to do some of the grunt work yourself.  This means that the workers will be able to come in and immediately get to work, while giving them the luxury of leaving as soon as they have installed your new carpeting.

You have what it takes to get the carpeting you want even if you have an unrelenting budget.  When you want new carpet, use these tips so you can can obtain it while still remaining within your financial borders.