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Four Tips To Help Improve The Design And Installation Of A Septic Mound

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Sometimes, an alternative waste treatment system is needed when the soil of your property does not meet the needs of a conventional septic system. This can also be due to problems like a high water table. One way to deal with this is by building a septic mound, which raises the drain field to allow for proper filtration of the affluent, or liquid waste. This can be an unsightly addition to your landscaping, but with the right design, it can blend in perfectly. Here are some tips to help you give your septic system a better design when the mound is installed:

1. Choosing An Out-of-the-way Location For The Mound

If you have a larger property, you can locate the septic mound in an out-of-the-way location. This can be an area on the edge of your property that is not noticeable. If you have a smaller property, you may want to consider space on the side of your home or the backyard to have the septic mound installed in a place that is not noticeable.

2. Designing Landscaping Elevations To Hide A Septic Mound

The design of your landscaping elevations can also be used hide a septic mound system. This can work great if you have a home in a hilly area and different elevations around your home. The grading can be done to hide the mound and make it blend in naturally with the natural surroundings. This solution may not work as well in flat areas or for homes that are located on a flat parcel of land.

3. Enclosing The Mound Inside Landscaping Retaining Walls

You can also use landscaping features like retaining walls to hide a septic mound. The mound can be a raised flower bed with herbs and wildflowers in areas that have flat terrain. They can also be used with elevations to hide the septic mound in a terraced retaining wall design.

4. Hiding A Septic Mound With Plants And Structures In Landscaping

You can also use other landscaping structures and plants to hide a septic mound. If you use plants, you will want to make sure to use plants that are septic system safe and have a shallow root system. For structures, you can use features like fences to hide a septic mound and make it blend in with the design of your landscaping.

These are some ideas to help improve the design of your septic mound. If you need to have a specialized septic system installed, contact a septic service, like Moon Septic, and talk with them about helping you improve the appearance of your system.