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3 Signs Of Potential Problems With An Oil Burner Furnace

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An oil burner furnace is a home heating system that relies on heating oil being sprayed in a fine mist inside a compartment and then ignited; the heat produced flows through a filter and then warms up a house. An oil burner furnace can be very efficient in keeping a house at a comfortable temperature, but if you want to avoid issues during the cold winter months, it is important to know signs of problems so you can have your oil burner furnace serviced or repaired before it ceases to work properly. Some common signs of problems with an oil burner furnace include:

Lack of Maintenance and Servicing

If you have lived in your home for a few years and have never had your oil burner furnace serviced and tuned up, there is a chance that it may not run properly throughout the winter. When you schedule an oil burner furnace tune up and service from a professional technician, he or she will change all filters and screens, adjust the oil mixtures to make sure they are correct, replace the oil filter on the oil tank, replace the oil burner nozzle, clean the air restrictors, and remove soot from the furnace. An oil burner furnace service is typically affordable, and it is much needed if you haven't had your furnace professionally tuned up in years.

Strange Sounds

An oil burner furnace is not the quietest appliance, but it shouldn't be loud either. If you begin to hear banging, whining, or groaning sounds while your furnace is running, it may be an indication that a belt has become loose, an internal mechanism needs to be replaced, or there is something wrong with the ignition switch. Never ignore strange sounds coming from your oil furnace if you want to stay warm-- it is in your best interest to have a technician check it out as soon as possible to prevent your oil burner furnace from completely failing to work.

Electric Bills are Suddenly Sky High

While oil burner furnaces rely on heating oil, they also typically have an electric ignition switch that keeps them running and assists the oil in igniting properly. If one or more parts in your furnace are in need of servicing or repair, you may notice that your electric bill is much higher than normal, because your furnace is not able to work efficiently and keep your house at the proper temperature, so it runs more than normal. Contact a business, such as Shearman Oil Inc , for more information.