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Beautiful Features To Enhance Your Yard

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Perhaps it feels like time for a backyard makeover, or you're starting fresh. Either way, you have an expanse of a yard and lots of plans on how to use it. Some of the features, such as a patio or pool, are quite involved. However, there are other installations and landscaping that can help enhance the beauty of your yard. Create a backyard getaway with the additions you make.   

Flower Beds

Flower beds are a natural for adding beauty to your yard. A key consideration is talking to your local landscapers about your soil and drainage to ensure your flowers thrive. From there, choose a theme for your beds. For example, if you fancy having fresh cut flowers in your house, plant a cutting garden. Sunset Magazine suggests choosing varieties that have tall stems and long bloom times, such as corn cockle, cosmos and dahlia. Alternatively, consider planting flowers that attract birds and butterflies, such as black-eyed Susan and the aptly named butterfly bush.

Outdoor Water Fountain

An outdoor water fountain is one of those installations that feels like it's mostly just for looks, but it can be useful as well. A fountain provides water music, which not only charms you and your guests, it also masks street noise. Outdoor fountains range in size. If space is limited, consider a wall fountain. If you want to promote a courtyard effect, consider a centrally-located, tiered fountain. One option for a garden installation is a disappearing fountain. With this style, the water well is located underground, so there's no pool.

Garden Path

Speaking of gardens, a pathway is another feature that's both beautiful and useful. If you have pretty landscaping, you want to encourage guests to stroll through your garden. Typically garden paths feature a curve to promote strolling, which can also make your yard appear larger. You can build in a curve to enjoy a vista or accommodate your fountain. For the paving material, consider flagstone or natural stone pavers to further the casual ambience of your meandering path.

Shade Trees

You're going to want to spend time outside enjoying your beautiful yard. In addition to a patio, consider creating areas within the yard for lounging. Start with pretty shade trees. Look for varieties that give you the biggest bang for your buck, meaning they look beautiful year-round. For example, crabapple trees offer pretty blossoms in spring and glorious foliage that eventually turns russet. Even in the colder months the crabapple tree features late fruit. Place a comfortable bench under you tree, and enjoy the beautiful yard you designed.

Let your backyard become a haven for your outdoor living with beautiful landscaping and installations. For further assistance, contact local professionals, such as those from http://www.a1landscapingandlotclearing.com.