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Can Vinyl Siding Grow Mold?

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Mold can grow just about anywhere, but can it grow on your vinyl siding? Knowing the answer can help you care for your property and keep your home looking its best over many years.

Can vinyl siding grow mold?

Yes, mold can grow on vinyl siding, if the conditions are correct.

What does mold on vinyl siding look like?

Mold on vinyl siding may be gray, black or brown. It can grow in streaks or spots. Often, mold grows in clusters and spreads over time if the problem is not addressed in a timely fashion.

What are the proper conditions for mold growth?

Mold grows best in dark, cool, moist locations. On the side of a house, these conditions are created in areas where shrubs grow up against the side of the house and where trees shade the house throughout the day. The north side of houses tend to get the least direct sunlight, so the north side of your home may be more vulnerable to mold than the rest of your home.

If mold grows on your vinyl siding, what can you do to remove it?

You can remove mold from your vinyl siding by washing it with a mixture of equal parts bleach and water. To do this, spray the area with the bleach and water solution, then scrub the mold with a long-handled scrub brush. When the mold has been removed, spray down the siding with a strong jet of water from a hose.

Note that chlorine bleach is harmful for plants. To protect your landscaping, use oxygen bleach. If you have no oxygen bleach and would like to use chlorine bleach anyway, soak the plants in the area with water, then cover the plants with a plastic tarp to protect them while you clean your siding.

How can you prevent the mold from growing on your home in the future?

To prevent mold from growing on your vinyl siding, prune back any landscaping that comes into direct contact with the side of your home. Avoid planting any shrubs against your house in the future. If there are overhanging branches shading your property, cut them back to promote airflow around the side of your house. If your siding has developed a mold problem in the past, make a point of washing your home's siding in that location on a regular basis.

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