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3 Indications Of Water Problems Every Water Well Owner Must Know

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Owning your own private water well is definitely rewarding, taking you away from the need to rely on a public water supply and placing you in control over the health of your water. However, being in charge of your own water from a well also means that you have to be an educated well owner. Knowing how to tell when something is off about your water can help you be vigilant about tackling any issues and concerns about water safety right away. Here are three indications that there is some kind of problem with the water coming from your private well.

Your water smells different than usual.

In some cases, well water will have a variant smell after heavy amounts of rain or changes in weather. However, this odor is a perfectly normal environmental reaction and usually is no cause for concern, often subsiding almost as quickly as the odor shows up. However, if your well water develops a particularly odd odor, such as a chemical odor or the smell of rotten eggs, you may want to have your well water tested. It is not impossible for contaminants to leak into your water supply, and these contaminants often do change the smell of your water.

Your well water is murky or milky in color.

Most of the time, your well water should remain perfectly clear, as the ground acts as a natural filtration unit to produce clean water. However, the water you get when you turn on your faucet should never be murky, reddish in tone, or milky. Likewise, you should also be on the lookout for floaters in your water, or tiny bits and pieces of foreign material. If you spot sudden changes in the clarity of your well water, it could mean that something inside the well has changed, challenging the natural water supply process.

Your water starts to taste totally different than usual.

For the most part, your fresh well water should have no real taste at all, as purified water just leaves your mouth feeling refreshed. Therefore, if the water from your well starts to taste funny or leave a bitter or metallic taste in your mouth, it is a surefire sign that something is off kilter. It is a good idea to have a water well maintenance contractor take a look at your well to see if anything is damaged or your water could be contaminated.

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