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How To Install Under Cabinet Lighting Yourself

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Lighting under your cabinets is nice to have for things like a little bit of extra light to see what you're doing in the kitchen (prepping meals or reading a recipe book) or just to have extra lighting rather than turning on all of the other lights in your kitchen. Installing this type of lighting in your kitchen is easier than you think. Whether you're on a budget or just aren't very handy with tools, you can install these lights all by yourself to save money. See below for instructions on how to install easy under cabinet lighting.

Battery Operated Lights

Battery operated puck lights are easy to install. You simply add batteries to the small light pucks and screw them to the underside of your cabinets (you can also use double sided tape that won't damage your cabinets). Add as little or as many as you like. Most of these battery operated lights can be turned on using a remote or are tap lights, meaning you simply tap them to turn them on. They're very easy to install and provide just enough lighting for this small space. You can find these lights at your local hardware store or at a big box store.

Plug-In Lighting

There are a number of different options for plug-in lighting. You can use plug in puck lights, LED tape lights, or rope lighting (the last two are easy to maneuver and great for above cabinet lights as well). Each light strip or puck has a plug attached to it that needs to be plugged into a power source. If you have an outlet that is also attached to a switch, turning these lights on and off will be easy, but otherwise, you'll need to plug them in or turn them on each time (unless they also have a remote). These lights can be a bit of a pain if you want a lot of lights, but have limited outlets. 

Hard-Wired Lighting

Lighting that is hard-wired is lighting that is directly wired to a switch in your home, much like your can lights or ceiling fans. This type of lighting may not be as easy to install for the novice homeowner. Electricity is not something to mess with, so if hard-wired under cabinet lighting is what you want, it may be best to leave this job to a professional electrician. 

Under cabinet lighting is nice to have in your kitchen. Just make sure to contact a professional electrician if you wish to have hard-wired lighting installed in your kitchen.