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What To Know About Insulating Your Home

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When it comes to the energy efficiency of a house, the insulation will be one of the most important factors in keeping the house comfortable and your energy expenses low. To help you with ensuring that you are informed about this critical part of your house, you will need to be informed about several insulation questions and answers so that you do not make basic mistakes that could compromise the energy efficiency of your house or the performance of your insulation.

Should You Insulate Your Garage?

The garage can be an easy to overlook part of the house when you are looking to improve the energy efficiency of the house. However, an uninsulated garage can be a major drag on your energy efficiency. When you are insulating your garage, you will want to pay special attention to the garage door as this can be a major source of drafts. Weatherstripping along the paneling can help with reducing these drafts. Additionally, you will want to ensure that the door to the garage is heavily insulated. During the winter and summer months, the temperature in the garage can reach uncomfortable extremes, and insulating the door will help to prevent this from influencing the temperature in your house.

Will Insulation Ever Need To Be Replaced?

Unfortunately, there can be instances where the insulation will suffer damages that will require the insulation to be replaced. A common cause of this problem can be due to water damage occurring. If the insulation stays moist, it can lead to mold colonies developing, and this can lead to potential health issues for those in the house. For this reason, you should routinely inspect your house for signs of water damage so that these issues can be repaired before serious insulation damage occurs. Damage from animals and insects can another reason for needing to replace insulation, and this makes regularly applying pesticide an important task to for you to do.

Can Your Windows Be Insulated?

When individuals think of insulation, they may assume that it will always be placed in the walls or ceiling. This belief can lead to individuals assuming that windows can not be insulated. However, it is possible for you to opt for window glass that is insulated. This is done through the use of a clear gas that is between two panes of glass. If you are not wanting to replace your windows, you can use spray insulation to help seal any gaps that are in the frame. An experienced insulation contractor will be able to inspect your windows to help determine the most effective way to use insulation to improve their energy efficiency.