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Carpet Care And Repair Information For Homeowners

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While carpeting is a fairly common material used to cover floors, it is often an issue that homeowners will be unaware of the basics of repair and maintenance of their carpeting. Here are some questions you may have about your carpeting.

Can Holes In The Carpet Be Repaired?

It is an unfortunate fact that carpeting can be prone to developing holes or tears in it. These problems can occur due to accidentally damaging it or from routine wear and tear. While these holes can seem like they will be difficult and expensive to repair, there are steps that can be taken to repair small and medium-sized holes. This is done by cutting out a square or oval that is slightly larger than the hole and installing a replacement piece of carpet.

However, if these holes are allowed to grow in size, they may become too large to be patched in a discreet manner. Also, this type of repair can be more difficult for older carpet as it will be more challenging to match the color of the new carpet with the faded colors of the older carpet. If your carpet has too many holes and needs to be replaced, contact a company like Parker Floor Covering for more information.

What Should You Do If Your Carpet Is Damaged By Water?

Water damage is a common issue that can impact carpeting. Whether this issue arises from plumbing issues or storms, you will need to act quickly if you are to minimize the risk of needing to replace the carpet. You should immediately contact a flood restoration service as they will be able to quickly dry the carpet so that it will avoid rotting or becoming unsanitary. While waiting for these services to arrive, or if you are unable to contact these services immediately, you should dry the carpet as thoroughly as you can. A shop-vac can be ideal for this task, but towels can be another way of absorbing this water. When you have gotten the carpet as dry as possible, you should open the windows and increase the ventilation as much as possible so that the water can evaporate from the carpet fibers.  

Are There Any Effective Stain Mitigation Steps?

Stains can be an unsightly problem that may cause you to replace the carpet much sooner than necessary. You will be able to minimize the risk of stains compromising your carpet by applying a stain guard to it and having it steam cleaned so that any light stains are removed before they become ingrained in the fabric.