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What A Professional Basement Waterproofing Service Will Do That You Can't

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Should your basement flood, you'll need to take immediate action to control the issue. Some homeowners will be tempted to tackle this difficult situation themselves, and while doing so may be admirable, it's not generally the best approach. It's a better idea to call a professional basement waterproofing service.

The expert on the phone can guide you through any immediate tasks that you should perform — namely, shutting off the electricity in the basement — and someone will be arriving at your home promptly. Here are some things that a professional will do that you can't.

Identify And Fix The Source Of The Leak

The average homeowner might sop up the water, throw out any damaged possessions or furniture, and even replace any drywall that is ruined — but he or she probably won't go any further. A professional will do these things for you, but also identify the source of the leak. A basement can leak for a variety of reasons, and while a cracked foundation is a common cause, it's not the only potential way for water to seep or flow into your home. Once the contractor has identified the leak, he or she will repair it. For a cracked foundation, this can involve a partial excavation, which is, again, something that you'd be unlikely to do yourself.

Dry And Decontaminate Any Affected Areas

While you'd likely be able to get rid of the standing water in your basement, you'd be unlikely to take as methodical an approach as a professional would take. A professional will carefully look for all sites of water and skillfully dry them with heavy-duty fans and other methods. Additionally, the contractor will decontaminate all areas of your basement that took on water. You need to remember that the water that floods your basement isn't clean, and may contain bacteria that can remain long after the water dries and could potentially harm your family's health.

Install A Sump Pump

If there is a need, your professional basement waterproofing contractor will also install a sump pump in your basement. This important device will work to pump excess moisture away from your home, thus reducing the risk of a future basement flood. Additionally, the professional will also give you a detailed tutorial in maintaining the sump pump and identifying signs that it's working correctly. The contractor may also be on call for you in the event of a sump pump issue in the future.

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