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How to Make Your Small Bathroom Appear Larger and More Spacious

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Whether your home is large or small, the bathroom is usually the smallest room in your home. When you cannot expand your bathroom physically in size to give yourself more space, there are some techniques you can use to make it appear larger. Here are three tips to help you make your small bathroom appear larger and more spacious.

Update the Shower Stall

You can expect a full bathroom in any home to have a shower or bathtub or a combination of the two. Unfortunately, the way the shower and tub facility is set up in your bathroom can create a visual barrier in the room and make the room look smaller, as the shower enclosure surrounding the space visually blocks off this area to you.

But if you can replace it with a glass shower enclosure. the area will not be blocked off and you can see from one side of the bathroom to the other through the shower enclosure. When you replace your entire shower stall with a frameless glass enclosure, this eliminates any shadows from the room and helps reflect light from either the window, skylight, or lighting.

Talk to a contractor or a business like California Reflections Inc. about updating your bathroom with a frameless shower. And if your shower walls are decorative tile, stone, or glass, this is a great way to show off the wall's beauty. Just be sure you keep the enclosure walls clean and free of hard water stains and shower buildup by cleaning it on a regular basis.

Finish with Light Colors

Along with adding a feeling of serenity to the room, another way to help your bathroom appear larger is to use only lighter colors and pastels in its color scheme. Just as with eliminating interior shower walls that create additional shadows and dark spaces, using light colors helps to give the room a larger appearance. Pale colors, whites, and cream colors will brighten the space by helping the interior light reflect upon the surfaces within the room.

Add the Right Decor

The decor you place inside your bathroom can also help or hinder the room's spaciousness. A room that is full of clutter on the walls and on the counter or shelves will make it appear smaller.

Be sure to only use minimal wall decor, and only place one large decor item on the counter instead of several small items. Be sure to store towels and other bathrooms necessities inside an enclosed storage area instead of in plain sight, and switch out the small wall mirror for a larger one.