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Are You A Grandfather Who Is Creating A Play Area For Your Grandkids?

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Are you having more fun as a grandpa than you did as a daddy? Maybe your time was occupied with work, or maybe you stressed out about raising your children the right way? Now that your children are adults, you might be enjoying them a whole lot more than you did when they were growing up. And, if you are now a grandfather, the fun is more than likely multiplied more times than you can put into words.

What you can do, though, is to create a play area for your grandkids. Do you already have a plan of how you'll do that? If that's not the case, here are some ideas that might help.

Consider The Design - Think of how your grandchildren will use the play area you create for them. For example, will they be skating and riding tricycles? Maybe you'd like to also include a huge area that will hold an age-appropriate basketball hoop. 

Think of designing something like a star pattern or a flower pattern that will be used for sidewalk art. Don't forget to add a storage area where colored chalk and play equipment can be stored. And, if there's enough space, think of where you might put a small table and chairs for when the kids have picnics.

Buy Ready-Mix Concrete - If you've ever worked with ready-mix concrete, you already know that it is really easy to work with. A bonus is that it is very affordable and versatile. If you're not sure how much ready-mix concrete to purchase, tell the salesperson what you plan to do with it. In fact, it might be helpful to show the salesperson at least a rough sketch, including dimensions, of the play area design.

Even though this type of concrete is most often used for huge projects, you can still order relatively small amounts for the construction of your play area. Order it dry and then mix the water in as you need it. Remember that it will set up super fast, so plan accordingly.

Once the concrete foundation is all set, you can do all kinds of artistic things with it. For example, you can paint it to look like a large rainbow or like a pebble road. You could also design a large board so that the kids can play chess or checkers using large game pieces that you make yourself. 

For more information on your options, contact a ready-mix concrete supplier.