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Why Your Gutters May Be Leaking

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When your rain gutters are leaking, they will allow rainwater to run down the side of your home and puddle around your home's foundation, possibly leading to costly damage. Unfortunately, there are many issues that can result in your gutters leaking. Some of these issues may not be noticed right at first. In fact, they may not be noticed until there is an actual issue. Keep reading to learn some of the issues that can result in leaking gutters so that you are aware of what you should be looking for.

Old Gutters

Older traditional gutters that are in sections consist of several pieces that are either screwed or sealed together. Over a period of time, the screws and sealants will end up deteriorating, which allows for water to run along the outside and cause the holes to eventually expand. In a number of instances, these leaks are able to be sealed, but in other instances, the entire rain gutter system must be replaced.

Accumulated Debris

If gutter systems are not cleaned regularly and properly, they are likely to start leaking, and this is true even with brand-new installations of gutters. Various types of debris, such as leaves and twigs, can pile up inside of the gutters and essentially act like a dam. Unfortunately, when this happens, there is nowhere for the water to go except over the side of the gutter.

Inadequate Sloping

You may not realize it, but gutter systems actually rely very heavily on gravity to ensure proper water flow. Therefore, gutters need to be hung with a slight slope. If your gutters were not initially installed properly or have begun to sag since their installation, water is going to begin to collect and pool inside of the gutters. Over time, rust is going to start to eat holes into the gutter material, resulting in leaks and compromising the overall structural integrity of the system.

Loose or Corroded Hangers

The hangers are responsible for attaching your gutters to the fascia board. These are hidden from the visible eye. Unfortunately, it is possible for them to wear down over a period of time, which can allow the gutters to pull away from the home's roof. If enough of these hangers end up coming loose or becoming damaged, the gutters may not be close enough to the roof in order to catch the rain runoff, which can lead to moisture damage to the fascia boards.

If your gutters have suffered damage and need to be repaired or replaced, get in touch with a gutter repair company like Quality Seamless Gutter Company.