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Gutter Guard Installation Snafus To Avoid

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Record-breaking rainfalls are overwhelming clogged roof gutter systems. If you're calling in the gutter specialists more often to clean clogged gutters, you may not been tackling the right problem. 

Gutter guards can block debris from filtering through to your gutter and reduce the number of gutter cleanings. Faulty installation, however, can prevent the water from reaching the gutter and increase the risk of water overflow damaging your gutter, home, and landscape. 

Following are common gutter guard installation mistakes to avoid. 

Neglecting to Clean the Gutter Guard 

A gutter guard is a protective layer placed over the gutter. The mesh design filters twigs and other debris from the water entering the gutter. A gutter guard provides many benefits, including:

- increasing the water capacity of the gutter by removing debris and reducing mould and moss build-up 

- preventing corrosion of the gutter, fascia, and downspout from moist material 

- reducing freezing of water and debris in the gutter in the winter 

But if debris accumulating on the mesh surface is not regularly cleaned off, the blockage could prevent water from reaching the gutter. 

Forcing a Square Peg in a Round Hole 

Most gutter guards are designed for standard gutter widths of five inches, but the trend is to install wider gutters to increase the capacity of rainwater held. Shape also matters. A gutter designed for half-round gutters may not properly fit newer square gutter designs.

The gutter guard should fit snuggly. If it is too large or small for the space, you could cause damage to the shingles, the fascia, or the gutter. 

Damaging Shingles During Installation 

An improperly fitted gutter guard is one of several installation issues that could void your shingle warranty. If the guard is too small, water captured between the guard and shingles can seep under the shingles and cause damage. A gutter guard installed under the shingles increases the risk of water damage. 

An improperly sealed seam is another opening for water to leak under shingles. A shingle or gutter warranty will not usually cover damage caused by improper installation. And damage from a guard installation could void your roof warranty. Make sure to employ a professional to ensure this doesn't happen.

Not Using Filters on the Downspout

A gutter guard is not a catch-all solution. Gutter guards are effective at blocking large debris, but some smaller debris will still filter through. Ask your downspout specialist about filters that can capture finer debris in the downspout. If the downspout gets clogged, your gutter could overflow, with or without the help of a gutter guard. 

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