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What Do Gutter Covers Really Protect?

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What do gutter covers protect? The obvious answer would be "your gutters." This answer is not incorrect, but it's not exactly complete, either. By keeping leaves out of your gutters and ensuring your gutters can keep draining properly, gutter covers also protect these other components of your home.


If your gutters get clogged, guess where the water goes. A good portion of it ends up flowing right down the side of your home! A few days of this may not cause any major damage, but months on end of flowing, dirty water can stain your siding. If you have wood siding, this constant exposure to water is an even bigger issue, as it can lead to rot, mold, and termite damage. With gutter covers, however, your gutters will stay clear so water does not flow down the side of your house and damage the siding.


Your foundation is another element that suffers if your gutters are clogged. After flowing down the side of your house, the water pools near the foundation. If there are already any cracks in the foundation, the water can seep in, widening those cracks in the process. And if your foundation is in good shape when the water flow starts, it may deteriorate to the point that it does start cracking within a few months. By ensuring water gets directed away from your home, gutter covers protect your foundation and keep water out of your basement.


If you put a lot of work into your landscaping, then you really don't want water flowing down into your garden beds. It will rinse away mulch, drown your more water-sensitive plants, and eventually cause so much soil erosion that you have to re-do your garden beds, which is a ton of work Gutter covers help ensure the water gets directed down the gutter, through the downspout, and far away from your precious garden beds.


Water tumbling down the side of your home due to clogged gutters also tends to get trapped and build upon window edges. This can cause your window frames and sashes to deteriorate prematurely, leading to leaks and a loss of efficiency. Gutter covers keep the gutters clear so the water stays away from your windows.

As you can now see, gutter covers do more than protect your gutters. They allow your gutters to do a better job of protecting your whole home. 

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