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Home Inspections 101: 3 Red Flags to Look Out For

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If you’re in the market to buy a home, then one of the things you’ll definitely want to do before you finalize your purchase is to schedule a home inspection. This is a great way to find out about any potentially costly maintenance and repairs that may need to be done on the home, which could impact your ultimate decision. At the end of a home inspection, you’ll receive a detailed report from the inspector; here are a few “ Read More»

Four Things You Will Want To Know Before Installing Ductless AC In Your Home

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If you are looking for an energy efficient alternative to central HVAC, ductless cooling is a great solution. It is affordable, compact and can be used to provide your home with heating. There are some things to consider before installing ductless AC systems, such as whether you need heating, and if you need a single unit or split systems. Here are some things that you will want to know before installing ductless cooling in your home: Read More»

Cracked Toilet Tank? How To Perform An Easy DIY Plumbing Repair In 10 Steps

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A toilet tank can receive cracks in it from the tank being tightened down too much, the water inside the tank freezing, settling of the house or even from items being dropped on it. Whatever the cause of the crack, it is important that it is fixed as soon as possible. When left alone, even hairline cracks that are thin and shallow can turn into deeper and longer cracks that pose a higher risk of a plumbing disaster. Read More»

3 Types Of Eco-Friendly Home Improvements

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If you feel that your family is using too much energy due to your high energy bills, now is the perfect time to make some changes. There are many home improvements you can do that lower your carbon footprint while also increasing your home’s value. Here are some eco-friendly home improvements to consider. Install Eco-Friendly Flooring If you are planning on upgrading your flooring, consider having more environmentally-friendly flooring installed. There are a few options available that are better for the environment than traditional flooring. Read More»

Maintenance Tips That Will Prolong The Life Of Your Asphalt Driveway

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One of the most important things you can do to prolong the life of your asphalt driveway is to keep water from seeping underneath it. This is because water causes the soil to shift, which causes cracks and potholes to form. Here are a few maintenance tips for protecting your driveway from water damage. Ensure Proper Drainage The next time it rains, check your driveway for standing water. Your driveway should have been built on a grade, so water rolls off it. Read More»