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Clutter Taking Over? 3 Dangers You Could Be Facing

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It can happen to anyone. You get busy and suddenly your home is so cluttered you can’t move around. Don’t give up on the situation. Before it turns into something more than clutter, you need to take care of the problem. Here are just a few of the problems you may face if you let the clutter continue. Increased Pest Activity In Your Home And Yard Roaches and mice love trash, old papers, boxes of clothes, and even woodpiles. Read More»

How To Troubleshoot Your Refrigerator

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If you have noticed problems with your refrigerator, such as it not getting cool, it freezing all your food, or the ice machine isn’t working, it is time to troubleshoot it. This allows you to look at the main problems with your refrigerator so you can figure out what is wrong and hopefully fix it. Here are some tips for troubleshooting your refrigerator and deciding if it is time to call a repair technician. Read More»

3 Home Electrical Warning Signs You Should Not Ignore

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Your home’s electrical system is meant to work a certain way. When something is wrong with the system, the electrical system will not work as it should. When you experience problems with your system, it is important that you pay attention to the warning signs that your house is giving you. Here, you will learn about a few of the warning signs that you should never, ever ignore. Tripped Breakers Read More»

Window Cleaners With Ethylene Glycol: The Harm Of Using Them & The Cost Of Professional Cleaning

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When you are in need of window cleaning for your home, it is important to avoid using products containing a chemical called ethylene glycol. Inhaling the chemical while cleaning the windows can cause you to become sick or even be fatal. In this article, you will learn about the harm of using window cleaners with ethylene glycol and the cost to hire a professional to clean the windows for you. Read More»

The 3 Steps You Must Take To Decide If A Rooftop Garden Will Work For Your Facility

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If you run any sort of food-related business, you know that providing transportation and refrigeration for perishable goods like fruits, vegetables and herbs takes a good chunk of your food budget and isn’t always so great for your carbon footprint score. If you’ve thought about a rooftop garden to provide tomatoes, berries and fresh rosemary, you’re not alone. Many facilities are transforming their roofs into instant sources of fresh ingredients. Read More»