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Swimming Pool Maintenance: A Necessary Part Of Luxury Living

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Part of owning a luxury home typically involves some sort of a swimming pool. In most cases, luxury homes have a swimming pool in their backyard area, and this pool is quite large so that guests can be entertained in it during the summer. If you purchased a house with a pool, then there are a few things that you need to do in order to keep it looking nice and running in perfect order. Read More»

Efficient Pool Pumps: Why They Matter And Can Extend The Life Of Your Pool

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If you own one of the more than 5 million backyard swimming pools installed in-ground in the United States, chances are you’ve had to give thought to maintenance issues like which chemicals to use and when to run your pump. But did you know that having and using the right pump can make a big difference in both your power bills and your pool upkeep? Energy Savings Many pool owners make do with the same single-speed pool pump that has been a workhorse for them for years. Read More»