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Basic Ideas On How To Spruce Up Your Windows

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Choosing windows for your home can add to the overall aesthetic appeal to both its interior and exterior. In addition, creating beautifully designed window settings could also help increase the value of your home. Below are some steps you can take when upgrading or replacing your windows that will spruce up your home’s overall decor. Entry Door Window Designs When your friends and family come to your home the first thing they notice is the exterior. Read More»

3 Indications Of Water Problems Every Water Well Owner Must Know

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Owning your own private water well is definitely rewarding, taking you away from the need to rely on a public water supply and placing you in control over the health of your water. However, being in charge of your own water from a well also means that you have to be an educated well owner. Knowing how to tell when something is off about your water can help you be vigilant about tackling any issues and concerns about water safety right away. Read More»

How To Choose A Masonry Restoration Company For Your Historic Home

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If you have a historic brick home that is 100 or more years old, chances are good that the masonry is showing some signs of deterioration. Over time, the bricks and mortar, which is the material that holds the bricks into place, can crack and degrade due to natural elements, such as ground movements and weather conditions.  Hiring a professional masonry restoration company to do work such as crack filing, brick cleaning and paint stripping can add years of life to your home’s exterior. Read More»

Can Vinyl Siding Grow Mold?

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Mold can grow just about anywhere, but can it grow on your vinyl siding? Knowing the answer can help you care for your property and keep your home looking its best over many years. Can vinyl siding grow mold? Yes, mold can grow on vinyl siding, if the conditions are correct. What does mold on vinyl siding look like? Mold on vinyl siding may be gray, black or brown. It can grow in streaks or spots. Read More»

How To Install Air Supply Ducts In A Basement

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If you are a homeowner who plans to install central air, the most common place for sheet metal air ducts is the basement. The air ducts move the cool air to the registers in the home. You could only cool one room without air ducts. You don’t need advanced HVAC skills, but it helps to have some home improvement experience, since it requires working with sharp sheet metal. Here are some tips to install air supply ducts in a basement. Read More»